As a national shipyard company which is transforming into world class company, DRU run the business by prioritizing great management principals and high efficiency.

The company commits to implement good international management standard in the administration of the business in order to produce high quality products in accordance with the expectations and demands of customers.

This is consistent with company’s dream to make DRU as a healthy national shipyards company which continues to grow and evolve on an ongoing basis so that it can become the pride of Indonesia.


In the shipbuilding business, DRU is committed to provide high product quality, high productivity, on time job handling, high safety with zero accident , and using products that are environmentally friendly.

Shipbuilding is the main business of PT Daya Radar Utama. Since its establishment in 1972, PT Daya Radar Utama has built nearly 400 ships of various types and sizes, both for government agencies, State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and to national private interests.

The ships built in this company mostly operates in Indonesia in order to connect the archipelago and as the means of sea transport connectivity. To ensure the quality of the ship construction, DRU has set quality management which refers to the international standard ISO.

The type of ship to build covers tankers with a capacity of up to 17,500 dead weight tonnage, transports tanks (Landing Ship Thank / LST), ships Roll On Roll Off (Roro) up to 5,000 gross tonnage, ship freight transport (cargo vessel), off coast operation supporting vessel (offshore), crew boat type, anchor hundling tug (AHT), anchor hundling tug and supply (AHTS), up to accomocation work barge (AWB).

In addition to that, DRU has built ships for the purpose of supporting port activities such as scout ships, tugs and pilot boats. It also built fiber base speed boat up to patrol boats to reinforce the activities of sea and coast guard, and fishery guard boat as well as custom operation boat.


PT Daya Radar Utama is supported by adequate facilities and human resources that are reliable and has high productivity in providing ship repair services to its customers.

Working in the field of ship repairing business services, DRU corporate excellence are efficient, professional, experienced, and job expertise team of which stand by on a 24 hour work time to support your business and making it more efficient. DRU’s team also supported by private shipyard repairing facility.

Moreover, DRU have docking facility such as graving dock which is able to convey ship up to 40.000 dead weight tonnage (DWT). Thus we can help you get optimum services on ship maintenance activity such as hull maintenance, ship construction, machinery, electrical maintenance, and other equipments maintenance.

Other primary benefit to offer is that DRU’s teams is supported by excellent, skillful, honest human resources with a high productivity and the ability to provide ship maintenance services outside our private shipyard in accordance to customers’ need.

PT Daya Radar Utama has experienced teams in providing ship repairing services for various kinds, types, and sizes of ships. DRU always puts forth efficiency, measurable, and on time working principals as the company’s policy and companys’ commitment from the beginning.


Armed with great experience, professional, and well informed team, DRU will support your business and help achieve the dream in the field of ship conversion.

DRU has over the years experiences in the field of ship conversion with high standard of international quality product.

The core team works in the field of conversion is a team of skilled and experts in its field, professional and well informed people which will help you to run the ship conversion projects suitable to your needs.

This is the reason we are ready to provide the best service to our customers in the field of ship conversion, because we realize that our strengths to provide the best services in the field of ship conversion lies in the strength of our core team and project management.

DRU core team are ready to start the conversion project in accordance to your will through discussions, consultations, and realization. Our experts will be happy to listen to your plans and prepare work plans for you to achieve your dreams in ship conversion plan that you will do.

We will support, give advice, supervise technically, and make the price calculation carefully for you in order to provide the best choices so that the decisions taken really suits your needs.


As a shipyard company that always grow and develop, PT Daya Radar Utama understand that their customers demand a better value-added services and a plenary services throughout the process of ship building.

DRU has prepared a strategy to meet customers’ desire by strengthen the Engineering Design Division which is always involved in the assembly of the ships since the beginning start from the consultation forum, cost planning, design, preparation up to the depiction or the ship design, both for the construction of new vessels and ship conversions.

The Company realizes that innovation, research, and development in the field of Engineering Design must be dynamic in accordance with the present development of shipbuilding technology. The success in the field of Engineering Design will strengthen the company in competition so that the focus on these issues become the commitment of DRU management.

Therefore, up to now there are quite a lot of ships with different types and sizes and even ship prototype, which have built and operated for its customers with the design created by the DRU Engineering Design Division.

On the issue, DRU has conducted various activities such as partnering with foreign experts in the field of design in the context of transferring the technology and developing vessel designs that applies modern technological developments as well as uses of environmentally friendly raw materials.