PT Daya Radar Utama develops the values ​​of the company to achieve the vision and mission that has been assigned by the company division in order to maximize the added value for the customer.


PT Daya Radar Utama is managed by professional, ethical, honest, and high integrity human resources (HR) with an exemplary work which continue to uphold the good name of the company.


PT Daya Radar Utama played a role in encouraging the development of national economy through maritime industry by supporting the achievement of sea transport connectivity, giving priority to domestic products and ensure that the end product become the pride of Indonesia.


PT Daya Radar Utama always committed to continue improving its ability to compete on domestic, regional and international levels so that we can evolve dynamically and continuously.


PT Daya Radar Utama is oriented in the efforts to improve customer services by working with high precision, perfection, sincerity, efficiency, high productivity and handing the job on time by emphasizing on safety (zero accident).


PT Daya Radar Utama concerns on the surrounding environment by contributing to find solutions, and innovating through developing prototype ships in order to maximize the added value of the maritime environment.


The company develops a welcoming and friendly environment both internally and externally, based on socio-religious values ​​and Indonesian cultural values to participate in maintaining national traditions.