PT Daya Radar Utama (DRU) did ship launching slipway Indonesian Fishery Inspection Vessel System (SKIPI) Phase 1 ordered by the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries in the shipbuilding unit of Jakarta, Tanjung Priok Port, (November 13th, 2015).

The vessel, named Orca 01, is one of four similar ships ordered by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to DRU. “The launching went great, smooth and was a succes,” said President Director of PT Daya Radar Utama Amir Gunawan.

DRU is one of the national shipyard companies with more than 40 years experience in shipbuilding, reparation, ship conversion and engineering design.

The launch was attended by Asep Burhanudin ship, the Director General of Marine Resources and Fisheries (SDKP) Keluatan and Fisheries Ministry, Nugroho Aji as Satker Commitment Officer Directorate of Infrastructure Development Monitoring and Oversight SDKP Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Also present, Aris Rustandi, S. Sos, M.Si as Sub Director of Infrastructure Development Supervision Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, President Director of PT Daya Radar Utama Amir Gunawan, Managing Director of PT Daya Radar Utama Agus Gunawan and Finance Director Steven Angga Prana.

The vessel was built under a no. SJ.01.31.01 / SKIPI / KDP / KPA.5-PSDKP / I / 2013. Ship SKIPI I has a specification that the overall length reaches 60.00 meters, width of 8.60 meters and height of 4.50 meters with water load reaches 2.60 meters.

This 600 gross tonnage vessel has capablity of traveling at a maximum speed of 24 knots and supported by the 2×2.560 KW main engine. It has a cruising range up to 14 days and can accommodate 24 crews.

With such specifications, the ship is very suitable to operate in Indonesian waters which rich in marine resources.

In addition, the design of this ship is the result of cooperation between the national design featuring consultants from Australia in order to fulfill the technology transfer as programmed by the Government.

The design and the design process is very detailed with full attention on Indonesian identity considering the natural conditions of Indonesia and also today’s world’s ship progress.