JAKARTA – PT Daya Radar Utama handed over a unit of 17,500 LTDW Panderman crude oil tanker to PT Pertamina (Persero) in Lampung Unit, in order to strengthen the fleet owned to transport crude oil.

With this submission, the DRU became the first national private shipyard to successfully build the 17,500 LTDW crude oil tanker.

The handover process begins with the singing of Indonesia Raya song and followed by speech from Director of PT DRU, Inspector of the Ministry of Industry Soerjono and SVP Shipping PT Pertamina Alfian Nasution.

While the handed over ceremony begins with siren keystrokes, signing protocol submission, splitting of jugs and ribbon cutting and followed by a ship review.

President Director of PT Daya Radar Utama Amir Gunawan said there is no better word to describe the process of this event in addition to our gratitude and pride as a nation that can fulfill the mandate given by PT Pertamina to build this tanker.

The vessel is planned to strengthen Pertamina’s fleet of vessels in assisting the crude oil transportation planned by 36.62 million KL by 2017 so as to improve the resilience of the national energy supply efficiently.

The PANDERMAN vessel is Pertamina’s 69th vessel of a total of 283 vessels to be operated by Pertamina in 2017 with the aim of ensuring the safety of domestic energy supplies.

The PANDERMAN vessel is planned to be operational in early September 2017 to transport crude oil from and to the port of Refinery / Pertamina Processing Unit.

PT Pertamina itself currently has a new ship building project of 8 (eight) vessels of 17,500 Long Ton Dead Weight which are all built domestically.

SVP Shipping PT Pertamina Alfian Nasution said Pertamina’s commitment in supporting empowerment and encouraging the independence of the national shipping industry is realized by entrusting the development of Pertamina ships in the national shipyards according to the capacity, capabilities and technology owned by shipyards in Indonesia, in accordance with the current Government program namely “Maritime Axis”.

Since 2005 until now, Pertamina has handed over 15 new vessels built in domestic shipyards, and will increase to 22 vessels if all of the ongoing projects are successfully delivered. (*)