About 60% of ship component is still imported here in Indonesia. In these circumstance, incentives would helps increase shipyard industry and ship component which in urge await to be develop.

Daya Radar Utama Inc, a shipyard national company, is looking forward to the government announcement about the policy of adding fiscal incentives for shipyard industry in Indonesia.

They are optimistic with Indonesia shipyard industry in the future for boosting the overall growth of the industry and encourage domestic defence to be more competitives with overseas company and hoping private and government agencies demand of ships will increase.

“We are showing our gratitudes to our government for these incentives could help us gain strength in a weakened economy that has been happening over the years,” said Agus Gunawan, Managing Director of Daya Radar Utama Inc.

He explained that the incentives will increase shipbuilding sector and ship component investment. “component industry is in the urge to grow in Indonesia as about 60% of ship component are still imported.”

As been knowned that the government regulation of No. 69/2015 on Import and / Delivery of Certain Transport Equipment exempted from VAT tax and shipyard services.

VAT Tax exemptions facility would set the domestic industry of ships, airplanes, and trains has more competitive sell price.

This policy changed VAT Tax facility scheme from VAT tax examptions based on government regulation No. 146/2000 and No. 38/2003 that implicates on tax income that couldn’t be credited with tax outcome to as an additional fee.

However, the government regulation of No. 69/2015 give VAT tax exemptions and therefore all the tax income could be credited and automatically decrease the production cost.

Currently, more than 300 ships has been built and operated, connecting Indonesia archipelago. Also, thousands of various type and weight ship has been fixed by DRU.

The ships that they’ve built in order was cargo vessel, oil tanker, offshore vessel, navy, tug boat, ferry, high speed boat and patrol vessel. All the kind that made from steel, fiber or alumunium.