Daya Radar Utama (DRU) Inc. proudly presents their one of the most potent warship constructed in Indonesia called KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 to the Ministry of Defence Indonesia on June 17th 2015 at Lampung shipyard.

KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 is an important part of the state’s defense to secure the Sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia from any kind of threats at the sea, the Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said.

This KRI, as he continue, is the proof of Indonesia’s shipyard ability in making battleship and to fulfill the needs of the primary weaponry defense system (Alutsista). “This ship will be used to guard the Sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia,” he added.

The 120 metre-longship with 18 metre-wide and 7,8 metre-tall Landing Ship Tank (LST) has a hull made of special steel. Having up to 20 days tolerance at the sea, this ship could land on the beach.

KRI Teluk Bintuni has 2.300 tonnes displacement and can rightfully regarded as the biggest LST of Indonesian Navy. As a comparison. another LST that Indonesia Navy has is from the Tacoma, U.S. shipyard with 1.800 tonnes displacement while it still heavier than the East German LST production, Frosch Class that only 1.530 tonnes.

The huge weight of KRI Teluk Bintuni 520 actually has some correlation with the The Indonesian National Armed Forces mission, which this warship is designated to carry the Main Battle Tank (MBT) Leopard owned by Indonesian Army.

KRI Teluk Bintuni-520 designated to carry up to 10 MBT Leopard 2A4 owned by Indonesian Army that weight 62,5 tons. Previously, Indonesian Army LST could only hold a light tank with a weight per tank only about a dozen tons.

Not only could carry a tank but KRI Teluk Bintuni-520 could also take two unit of hellicopter, as the warship features two helipad and hangar facility and around 400 soldiers with them.

Amir Gunawan, President Director of DRU Inc. expressed his pride for having completed the construction of Alutsista ship. “We are proud and grateful for the government’s trust in the national shipyard,” he said.