PT Daya Radar Utama handed over one unit of flag carrier PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Persero) order. The ship’s delivery was conducted at the shipyard of the Jakarta unit, Tanjung Priok Port.

The largest pilot vessel owned by PT Pelindo I port of SO, named Sei Deli V will be used to improve the scouting services of ships at the port of Tanjung Balai Karimun, Riau Islands.

The handover ceremony which lasted about three hours on board the Sei Deli V was welcomed by the crew of the ship (ABK), even numbers of ABK looks enthusiastic and capture the moment taking photos from all sides of the ship.

In his speech, President Director of PT Pelindo I (Persero), Bambang Eka Cahyana, said that KT Sei Deli V ship made by domestic shipyard in this case PT Daya Radar Utama is the largest tug boat ever owned and built by PT Pelindo I.

During the journey, said Eka, the ship was built with grandest design in its class because it is designed in more detail than usual by considering various aspects such as characteristics, colors, vision and corporate identity (corporate identity).

After the process of releasing balloons and tumpeng cutting done jointly with the President Director of PT Daya Radar Utama, Amir Gunawan, Bambang Eka Cahyana review the entire room in the Ship Pandu Sei Deli V.

The ship began construction in May 2014. When operated, the ship with a hull number 308 can go at speeds up to 12 knots. “Prior to being handed over to the ship, the pilot has been tested with excellent and satisfactory results,” said Amir Gunawan, President Director of PT DRU.