JAKARTA – The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia c.q Defense Agency held a Panel Discussion on Military Airworthiness, in Jakarta, Thursday (20/7), which presented speakers from the military airworthiness directorate and the primary weaponry defense system (Alutsista).

The panel discussion speakers included the Ministry of Defence officials, PT Daya Radar Utama and other alutsista industry players in Indonesia. DRU presented Technical Director M. Affandy who presented a paper entitled Implementation, Benefits and Challenges of Military Appraisal.

Affandy started exposure to ship accident statistics data in Indonesia by referring to the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) data. “The biggest accident factors on the ship due to human error that reached 65% and 24% technical error,” he said.

According to him, the need to run very well as one important aspect to ensure the quality of ship products. However, he said, the real challenge is the lack of attention to aspects of salvation / goodness of the ship and human error.

Meanwhile, Head of Kacaikan (Kapuslaik) Ministry of Defense First Admiral Edy Sulistyadi said his ministry is currently gradually revising the rules to conform with Minister of Defense No.33 of 2014 Regulations on the Implementation of Military Defense to Support the Defense of the State.

“We are gradually adjusting the eligibility rules to adjust to the existing conditions, especially the Minister of Defense No.33 of 2014,” he said as speaker.

He explained, in conducting the feasibility activities, it is guided by the Defense Minister’s regulation. He also made sure, if a material has been declared eligible by the Ministry of Defense, then there is no assessment of the feasibility of other institutions. (*)