DRU Management commits to continue developing its facilities in accordance with the present technology development to be more competitive and to be able to meet customer needs.

PT Daya Radar Utama currently has shipyard facilities which are spread over three shipyard units located in Jakarta, Lampung, and Lamongan.

In each of the shipyard unit, DRU management commits to continue developing its facilities to be more competitive and able to meet customer needs.

Jakarta shipyard unit is the forerunner of PT Daya Radar Utama shipyard business start up. From here on the history of the ups and downs of the DRU shipyard continues until the company now owns Lampung shipyard unit and Lamongan shipyard unit.

Located in Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta, Jakarta shipyard unit began operating for the construction of new vessels in 1980. The first ship to build is the type of Pilot Boat to support offshore operation activities for oil and natural gas production.

On operational base, each DRU shipyard unit is supported by various supreme facilities in order to provide proper and optimum services to the customers, both in the context of new vessel construction, conversions, repairs, and other services needed by the customer.

These facilities consist of  jetties, workshops, warehouses, offices and equipments, electricity, cranes, slipways, buildings, manufacture workshops and machinery, official vehicles, special vehicles, safety equipments, measuring and testing instruments up to slipway technology.



Jl. LRE Martadinata Volker,Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.


Jl. Alamsyah Ratu Prawira Negara KM 12,Srengsem, Lampung.


Jl. Deandles KM 36 Desa Sidokelar, Paciran,Lamongan, Surabaya