JAKARTA – PT Daya Radar Utama is committed to immediately complete the construction of Harbor Tug owned by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) which is built in Jakarta shipyard, Tanjung Priok.

This time, the second ship of eight ships built by DRU has been launched on Wednesday (22/3). The ship is Harbor Tug with the name KT. Jayanegara 301 with the size of 2×1.500 Horse Power.

The launching of the ship is carried out in the morning, at around 06.00 am in the area of ​​PT DRU unit shipyard of Jakarta.

The event was attended by representatives of PT Pelindo III namely Project Leader Umar and Senior Manager of PT Pelindo III Dhoty Equipment and Board of Directors of PT DRU a.l Managing Director Agus Gunawan, Finance Director Steven A. Prana and Technical Director M. Affandi.

Harbor Tug designed by renowned designer Robert Allan is very unique and not easily done by the national shipyard. However, Pelindo III entrusted the construction of the harbor to the national shipyard, including DRU.

Agus Gunawan said DRU had previously built a harbor tug with azimuth system which some of which are orders PT Pelindo III (Persero). However, this time tug harbor has the privilege because the ship ii designed by designer caliber Robert Allan.

The vessel has a high standard and is built with the Class Lloyd Register standard accompanied by supervision by PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero).