Jakarta-The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) conducted the keel laying of six rolling-on-roll off (ro-ro) passenger vessels worth 170 billion rupiahs to five national shipyards.

The event was held at the shipyard of PT Daya Radar Utama (DRU), Dockyard Jakarta Unit, Port of Tanjung, Friday (December 18th,2015). DRU is one of the companies that received the contract for the work of the ro-ro vessel.

Beside DRU, the shipyards receiving this project are PT Sarana Samudera Pacific (SSP), PT Adiluhung Saranasegara Indonesia (ASSI), PT Daya Dadar Utama (DRU), PT Dok Bahari Nusantara (DBN) and PT Industri Kapal Indonesia (Persero) IKI).

According to the Director of River, Lake and Ferry Transport Traffic (LLASDP) Kemenhub Eddy Gunawan, the ships will be operated in several new tracks in remote and outlying areas so that they are not being isolated anymore. “The government hopes that these areas can be served, both for passenger and freight transport,” he said at a ceremonial ceremony at the DRU shipyard.

This year, said Eddy, Kemenhub actually built seven units of ro-ro boats of various types with physical contracts and supervision of Rp272.8 billions. However, one unit of ro-ro vessel of 2000 gross tonnage (GT) for track Paciran (Lamongan) – Bahaur is still waiting for the winner announcement by the Minister of Transportation because the contract value is above Rp100 billions.

Kemenhub targets the laying of 2000 GT vessel can be done before the end of the year so that the year 2015 budget absorption can be maximized.

Based on Kemenhub data, DRU will build two ro-ro 500 GT vessels for the Babang-Saketa and Saumlaki Adaut-Letwurung tracks, Maluku, each with a contract value of Rp29 billions.

Meanwhile, ASSI is working on a ro-ro 200 GT vessel for Mimika Regency, Papua worth Rp19 billion, and DBN built a 300 GT Marine Truck Sea Tramway-Sebuku route worth Rp25 billions.

The SSP will build 600 GT boats for Tual-Air Nanang, Maluku, worth Rp33 billion, and PT Industri Kapal Indonesia (Persero) working on 750 GT worth Rp35 billion in Kupang-Ndao, NTT route.