JAKARTA – The Management Department’s Naval Staff and Command School conducted Management and Logistics Field Study for Dikreg Seskoal Student Officers of Class 57 in 2019 at PT Daya Radar Utama, (DRU Shipyard) Unit Jakarta, Friday (5/4).

Seskoal’s group of students were welcomed by the Board of Directors of DRU Shipyard, namely President Director Amir Gunawan, Achmad Muchtasar (Director), Ajid Gunawan (Director) and Wardiono (Head of Shipyard Unit Lampung).

Executive Advisor for Logistics and Management Field Study Laksma. TNI Tatik Eko W, SE, M.Tr (Han) expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the management of DRU Shipyard for willingly accepting Seskoal students to undertake Logistic Management Field Study at the DRU shipyard.

The Management and Logistics Field Study of the Dikreg Seskoal Student Officers consisted of various agendas such as the Exposition of the DRU Shipyard, which was delivered by Head of Shipyard Unit Lampung Wardiono, a visit to the field to see the ship building process in person and ended with a question and answer session.

Meanwhile, President Director of DRU Shipyard Amir Gunawan said that what the employees did to help realize and build Defense System Primary Tools, no matter how small it was, is contributing to the nation and the country.

He went on to express his pride in being able to partake in building a defense equipment that belongs to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. “We are proud to be part of Indonesia’s history in the provision of national Defense System Primary Tools,” he said.

At present, DRU Shipyard has built and delivered two warships of Landing Ship Tank (LST). In addition, three LST vessels are being built in Unit Lampung and two Landing Craft Utility (LCU) vessels in Unit Lamongan, East Java.