Bandar Lampung – PT Daya Radar Utama (DRU Shipyard) unit Lampung delivered 1 unit of Landing Ship Tank (LST) or Kapal Angkut Tank (AT-4), by the name KRI Teluk Lada 521, to the Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) as the buyer.

The delivery was witnessed by Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu at the shipyard of DRU Shipyard unit Lampung, Tuesday (2/26). This has been the second delivery of LST by DRU Shipyard from a total of five newbuilt vessels of the same type.

The second vessel is the Defense System Primary Tool belonging to the Indonesian Navy. “The delivery of the Tank is an integral part of efforts to meet Indonesian Navy’s Defense System Primary Tool needs to boost national defense,” said Minister of Defense in his speech.

He explained that KRI Teluk Lada 521 is a modern, sophisticated Defense System Primary Tool. The addition of the vessel to the Navy is expected to reinforce the Navy. “It is to safeguard the sovereignty and authority of the Republic of Indonesia.”

President Director of DRU Shipyard Amir Gunawan said the success of DRU Shipyard in building the vessel was partly due to good cooperation from many parties involved. “We hope to be worthy enough to keep earning the trust to build other types of Defense System Primary Tool,” he said.

DRU Shipyard will soon complete three other AT vessels, namely AT 5, AT 6 and AT 7, which will later strengthen the national defense equipment. “These vessels are the pride of us, a building shipyard,” he said.

The delivery of KRI Teluk Lada 521 was marked by the signing of the statement of act from DRU Shipyard to the Ministry of Defense. President Director of DRU Shipyard Amir Gunawan handed over the statement to the Head of Procurement Centre of Defense Facilities (Kapusada Baranahan) of the Ministry of Defense First Marshal Budi Prasetyono.

KRI Teluk Lada 521 is the second Tank Transport Ship (AT-4) of the four units ordered by the Ministry of Defense to DRU Shipyard. Order was placed through a sale and purchase agreement on December 23, 2015 concerning the Provision of 2 units of LST.

KRI Teluk Lada 521 has technical specifications of 117 metres long, 16.40 metres wide and 7.8 metres high. The vessel can travel at a maximum speed of up to 16 knots, cruising speed of 13 knots, and cruise radius of 6,240 nautical miles.

KRI Teluk Lada 521 is able to carry up to 478 personnel and designed to transport up to 15 units of BMF 3F Tank as well as 1 unit of helicopter.