ISO_DRU FINALiconIn its business conduction, PT. Daya Radar Utama applies quality management system which refers to ISO 9001:2008 standards and supported by the company’s policy, related regulations, and costumers’ feedback.

DRU’s objective in applying quality management system is to produce qualified shipping industrial products such as new vessels construction, repairing, and ship conversion which meet the requirements and the applicable technical regulation as inquired by the costumers with the result of fulfilled customers’ satisfactory.

Moreover, DRU constantly makes serious effort on the improvement of its ability on every aspect to achieve efficient and effective working process and high productivity with the result of provision on added value towards the customers.

The achievement of quality policy implemented is a shared responsibility, which is the responsibility of the company, the employees, and the third parties involved in ship constructions, repairing, or conversion so that the spirit and the essence of the quality policy is acknowledged and understood to be well implemented in consistency with the management policy.

To make sure that the quality management program run as such, the company points a Senior Manager to be responsible in ensuring that the implementation of quality management is carried out effectively and efficiently and continuously maintained.