In the shipbuilding business, DRU is committed to provide high product quality, high productivity, on time job handling, high safety with zero accident , and using products that are environmentally friendly.

Shipbuilding is the main business of PT Daya Radar Utama. Since its establishment in 1972, PT Daya Radar Utama has built nearly 400 ships of various types and sizes, both for government agencies, State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and to national private interests.

The ships built in this company mostly operates in Indonesia in order to connect the archipelago and as the means of sea transport connectivity. To ensure the quality of the ship construction, DRU has set quality management which refers to the international standard ISO.

The type of ship to build covers tankers with a capacity of up to 17,500 dead weight tonnage, transports tanks (Landing Ship Thank / LST), ships Roll On Roll Off (Roro) up to 5,000 gross tonnage, ship freight transport (cargo vessel), off coast operation supporting vessel (offshore), crew boat type, anchor hundling tug (AHT), anchor hundling tug and supply (AHTS), up to accomocation work barge (AWB).

In addition to that, DRU has built ships for the purpose of supporting port activities such as scout ships, tugs and pilot boats. It also built fiber base speed boat up to patrol boats to reinforce the activities of sea and coast guard, and fishery guard boat as well as custom operation boat.